Emotion Code 

Emotion Code -  The very simple but very powerful healing method I love! 


【 Emotion Code 】

Have you ever felt like you are making the same mistakes again and again?  Are you bothered by specific things or situations all the time? These might be because of emotions we have experienced in the past and that we have held on to all this time, trapping them inside of us, and inadvertently allowing them to affect our present lives. Sometimes these emotions can even create physical pains such as shoulder ache, back ache and so on.
Emotion Code was created by Dr Nelson in the US in 2007. This healing method is one of the simplest I have encountered, but it is a very efficient and powerful tool.   Using muscle testing, I can detect and identify if there are any emotional baggages trapped within you, and simply release them.  
I personally think this method is very unique because we can pinpoint emotions quite "precisely". A chart with 60 different emotions is used (for example: bitterness, heartache, jealousy, etc...) to clarify what kind of emotions have been trapped within you, when it got trapped, and other background information if needed.  These clarifications can help you to understand how and why the emotions were trapped.  It can also help you see the connections between the trapped emotions and your current problems.
Some people may be worried if during our session they need to talk about the events in their past that caused these emotions (like in a regular counselling).  For Emotion Code, you don't need to if you don't feel comfortable to do so.  You can keep your privacy from me and still release your emotional baggages!
Using this method, I have helped clients deal with these issues:
- Low Self-Esteem
- Depression
- Anxiety
- Eating/Drinking habits
- Shoulder ache, Back pain
- Wanting to meet the right one!
- Office politics
- Fear to fight against illnesses
- Relationship problem (colleagues, family, friends...)
- Bothered by specific situation or people
- Pets' naughty behaviours
- Want to be happier and enjoy life more!
- Or anything related to emotional baggages or stress!
I shared some testimonials from my clients. Please refer "Testimonial" page for your information.
Emotion Code is good for young kids, too, and I have received some great feedbacks from their parents. It also works for pets!
Please refer  "Testimonials" page , too. 

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