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Emotion Code - In person,  London , UK  (September, 2019)

I email you to say thank you.

I realised when I was working that I am more relaxed and don't feel like I am pressed by work any more although the volume of tasks at work hasn't changed. I used to feel like my mind came to dead end as there is no space left and there were "stones" stuffed within my head. Since I had your Emotion code once, however, those stones were disappered and it created "new space" within me.

I had a different type of healing session with other practitioners back in October, 2019.  Both practitioners said they had ache on their hands after that. I am not sure how they had the ache, but it might be because of my stubbornness  and they struggled to release it from me.  After the first Emotion Code session with you, I vividly and physically felt  that something warm and thicken liquid pouring out from my chest. It might be my emotions or blockages including stubbornness which was closed my heart, but I do feel it has been improved. 

I truly feel I needed Emotion Code.

Emotion Code - In person,  London , UK  (September, 2019)
I had an Emotion Code session with Yuriko again.

It was the last year when I had it for the first time when I was struggling with many things. I was in a negative loop and couldn’t find a way to get out from it at that time.I found that my posture was improved during the session and felt my body and mind lighter and refreshed when the session finished.

Since I encountered the Emotion Code with Yuriko last year, my life has been changing in positive way and having many interesting experiences.

I still remember that I was offered a free brownie at a café where I popped in just after the session. I had never had such things before. But the most surprising thing was that allergic symptoms I was always annoyed simply disappeared! I was suffering by the symptoms including itchiness and it prevented me from having a good sleep since I moved to Ireland in 2014. It used to affect my every day's life hugely. And...it’s gone.

So I had her session again.
And I had a miracle again.

I had an injury on my small toe and I always had ache on it every time after I had a dance class. It was usually swelling and I felt the pain every step I walked. Especially the day I saw Yuriko, I was wearing rain shoes and my feet were achy as they were oppressed.

When I was walking to the nearest station just after I saw her, I realised that my tow was not swelling any more. The ache I always felt  also disappeared.

Yuriko’s session is like a magic and I feel the difference on my body clearly.
Emotion Code works for me brilliantly. I strongly recommend this!

Access Bars  - In person,  London , UK  (June, 2019)

I felt like my body and mind are floating in the air and quite refreshing at the same time after having your Accessbars session. I also found I was extremely relaxed and comfortable during my train journey to home.

Since I had the session, my mind has been very cleared, can't get any worldly thoughts and distructions and don't crave to smoke at all. I used to be thinking so many things non-stop and chain smoking all the time. It was quite surprising to experience the state that I didn't even want to smoke! 

I am pleased to be introduced to Accessbars by you, and very glad to meet you! 


"Stress and irritation in daily life"  Emotion Code  - Online,  Europe (Mar, 2019)

Thank you for sending out a session report after the session.  I read it through and it was quite surprising and interesting to know that experiences and life events in the past affected my current life. 

Actually I started to feel brighter just after you released 6th emotion during the session. It made me feel excited and thrilled for the change! I was just wowed.

It has been justa a day since the session but I already see my change. For example, there were some moments which used to  be triggers to make me feel irritated and stressed earlier today. However, I was just not bothered by them any more at all! They don't kick my emotions any more.

It was such a brilliant session. I am glad those emotions have gone and never come back.  Thank you!

"Removing Heart Wall"  Emotion Code - Online, Europe (Feb, 2019)

Thank you for your session the other day and seinding out a report afterward.

I was actually a bit worried if just one session would  be enough to feel the difference and change within me. However,  I do feel refreshed since I had the session! It was good to know and look back how much I felt pressure and stressed when I moved to London back then. I also found how much I was affected and bothered by an incident in my job for a long time.

I am happy that I do feel brighter than before.
I hope I will be able to enjoy what I am interested in or want to try without hesitation again.   

Thank you for your help!

"Helped me to change my mindset"  Emotion Code - Online, Europe (Dec, 2018)

I think my mindset has been changing since I started to have your sessions regulary this January. This change wtihin me is good enough by itself. But I really like this process because it supports me to have my own awareness through your sessions. 

It is not only releasing old, unwanted emotions but also it helped me to look back my past in different angles, accept and understand myself deeply. Sometimes it also helps me to look into my future with hope. It was such an experience and I am willing to keep having your session in the future.

"Following my intuition"  Emotion Code - Online, Japan (Oct, 2018)

Thank you for the session the other day. Since that I have been having many awareness. Especially about my habit which I do care how people see me in any occasions in my daily life. 

I had a opportunity to go to a buffe at a hotel after the session. I am usually very consious what I have, presentation, colour schemes on my plate as a young female because I believed people see and observe my behavior. However, this time, I just really don't care what people think but purely enjoyed what I really want to eat at that time. It didn't look colourful, not much fruits and salad but that was what I wanted and it made me satisfied much better.

It might be a tiny step, but I try to keep practising to follow my feeling and intuition!

"Blockages to prevent to let things flow" 
Emotion Code - In Person,  UK (Sep, 2018)

Thanks for your session earlier!
I have got emails from potential customers during the session! I also got a message from a friend to offer me a place to stay during my holiday...I DO feel that things has started to flow again  even before your session finished! How astonishing the Emotion Code is!!!

Emotion Code - In Person,  UK (Aug, 2018)

I had had so many changes in my life since I had your healing session, but the biggest difference is about my body. It has been tightened and toned without any effort. 

As I talked to you in the session, I always had a difficult relationship with "eating".  I wanted to enjoy eating purely, but I had fear and guilt for eating to keep my body size and weight at the same time. So I always had  contradicting feelings towards foods in everyday's life. Thanks for your session,  those old habits and thoughts have been much reduced and I now enjoy eating! I used to be deeply attached to some sweets and cakes although I believed I shouldn't have. But now I found myself choosing healthy options without trying since those fears and guilt have gone away. And of course, I do ENJOY cakes now :) 

I also found that I can concentrate to do everyday's excersise classes more than ever. I used to feel down when I saw myself in the mirror and drowned by those negative emotions before. But I am feeling very positive about myself and keep going now.

I think people would be surprised to see my face and body "Before/After" Emotion Code session!


Emotion Code - In Person,  UK (Aug, 2018)

It has past two weeks since I came to this country. I feel I can enjoy my life like before...so far so good. 

I remember you said in the session that "Once you changed, you start to meet new type of people". Since that I have met new people as you said, but what surprised me was that  I had a reunion with old friends and colleagues as they were visiting the same country at the same time! It was such a nice suprise! I also feel there are more "lucky incidents" in my life now.

I have actually another surprise. I was always suffering by sympton of  allergy everytime I visit this particular city. This might had been becacuse of environment or weather. But I don't have those symptons this time. I felt a slight itchiness but that's it. Those symptons were also one of factors of stress I felt, but they are  much less than usual. Thanks for the effect, I am having a good time every day!

Since I had your healing session, I feel like I am being back to my true self as a positive nature, and I do have confidence for being myself!

"Difficulty to Relax My Mind and Body"  Emotion Code - In Person,  UK  (July, 2018)

Thanks for giving me a session yesterday.
Since I had your session, I feel my body is getting less tense and lighter! I am not sure if it is related to your healing effect, but I got a free brownie from a shop keeper! LOL 
I did sleep deeply last night, I rather slept too much. I have just noticed that I sigh less than usual now. 

"Anxiety and Somatic symptons (inc. headache and loose bowels)"  Emotion Code - Online, Japan  (June, 2018)

*A session for a boy in primary school

Since my son has started to go to primary school, he was struggling to adjust himself to the new environment. He needed my help to go to school whilst other pupils do it by themselves, and he was just crying at school although he was a very confident kid at nursery.  

But now he go to school by himself! Without tears! I am so pleased by his change after he had your session.

He was not a demanding child originally. It may be because he is middle in three brothers so he thought he needs to study the situation and act acordingly  to get attentions from others. Since he had your session, he has started to tell his opinion more without calculating or hesitating  like " I don't like it" "I don't want to do it now".  I feel this might be closer to his true self. 

Thanks for your help stress level has been reduced not only for my son's but mine one, too. And more than that, it was very helpful for me to know what he had been feeling, thinking and how he stressed with that I was not aware of.  The session was for my son, but it also helped me to feel better.

I also want to thank you for thinking and concerning my son's situation and behavior after the session. I truly appreciated that you listen to my concern even though you already finished your healing work for us.

I asked him "How is school?' the other day.  He said jokingly "No fun!" with a big smile on his face. I think now he is fine. Thanks for your help, I believe he has overcme his hurdle in his new life. 


"Blocks in Relationship"  Emotion Code - In Person in London, UK (April, 2018)

It was very interesting experience. I was a bit spaced out and had a dizziness after the session, but  calmed down once I got to my hometown. (BTW, my flatmate offered me to pick me up at the bus station. I usually hesitate to accept those kind offers, but I could say "yes please" this time!)

There were so many emotions that appeared during the session which I thought I already had forgotten. But I was surprised that I actually remembered each of them and how tough and hard they were for me at those times.

I got home and read the report you sent me after the session. When I read a part you mention about "relax" which we talked a bit in the session, I remember a recent incident. I went to have  Reflexology the other day and the masseuse asked me how I relax myself.  But the thing was, I just couldn't even know what "relax" was because I haven't  relax for a long time.  And of course, I couldn't answer the question because I don't know how. This is exactly what we talked about! I didn't allow myself relax and having a break for some reasons.  In addition, I also have a habit to make myself endure not going to toilet since I was a little kid.

The session made me realised the fact that I have not been allowed myself to do something what I want to do even tiny things (like having a break or going to toilet whenever I want to!). I will try to let myself accept to do what I want to do from something small things to make myself getting used to do these gradually. 

Thanks for your help!

"Son's infantile regression" Emotion Code - via Online, Ireland (April, 2018)

Now my son is like a shining star like he used to be! 

Since my 4years old son had your session,  he has started to tell his honest feeling to us. They might be very tiny things including "I wanna go to A park, B park and C park tomorow" "Listen to me, Dad!" "Mum, look at me!"...but those changes are big enough to tell me how much he had been frustrated to communicate with us especially since his baby brother was born.

Once he asked me "Come and sleep next to me once you finish feeding to my brother?". Although we (two sons and I)  are always sleeping together and  I am next to him literally every day , he might had been feeling isolated inside. This made me almost cry since I now know how he felt. 

It was a healing session for my son, however, I noticed it affect me also in good way. Since the session clarified the reasons for the difficulties in our communications and my son's behavior,  this helped me to understand him more and it gave me hints how to communicate with him and know what he needs better. I am totally amazed by this synergistic effects between us, and I feel "This is true us!".

Yuriko, I can't thank you enough!

"Difficulty in Controlling Emotions" Emotion Code - via Online, Ireland (March, 2018)

I went on holiday for two weeks after I had your session the other day. I found I didn't feel too much hustle to communicate with strangers during my holiday although I was always feeling difficulties in communicating with others. Sometimes my old habit comes backevery once in a while, but I am so pleased to feel and see the difference and change within me! Thank you so much (*ˊᵕˋ*)

Emotion Code - via Skype, from an EU country (March, 2018)

Thanks for the meaningful session yesterday.  I became sleepy after the session, and felt my body and mind was getting lighter once I woke up from a short nap. 

I received your session report when I was preparing for my dinner.  It was such an unique experience that I could reach to emotions of my past lives. I couldn't help bursting into tears when I felt I have got an message from them "Thank you for recognizing our existances". I recognized that this emotion (or a message) was not mine, but I believe theirs'.

The session made me convinced many elements, for example the reason why I have got a very unique name, why I automatically fell in love with that particular town and this country although I only visited here shortly at that time, and the reason why I am now living in this country.  I started to think that "the gentleman" in my past life lead me to this country.

It was interesting to know that there was also a lady who was living in this region in my past life. This particular area in Europe might be very special for me.

I feel very comfortable to accept their existance as my past lives for some reasons. Maybe "accept" is not the right word to impress my feeling for them  since they are part of me! We had lived in different body in different eras, culture and countries, but our spirit is just one. I am so grateful for living my life as holding the special message from my past lives. 

I still feel tiredness, but I kind of expect to reach to the next level once I got through this process.  I hope to see differences within me in a couple of weeks. For now I allow myself to enjoy everyday's life and am looking forward to reach there!

Emotion Code - via Skype, from an EU country (February, 2018)

The last session was a good opportunity to look back my childhood.

I personally didn't want to think or remember about any of my childhood memories for a long time because I considered my past was full of so many miserable things. I rather wanted to erase them all.

However,  since I had the last session with you last Friday, I have started to see my past very different way. I now see myself as a little girl in the past who was trying,  working hard and made effort to make things better. I didn't want to face it before but now I can accept my struggles in the past. I also found it was such a joy  that I was a member of my family and that I have a big sister who I always admire. It was such a heart warming thing to know and feel.
I also had another big realization after the session. I thought that "Accepting myself" was a kind of pushing and forcing to justify myself. But now I feel it was not forcing anything but  just "accepting everything about myself including my inperfections".  I feel that the process of accepting has begun within me already.

Before starting the session, I mentioned about my difficulties in relationships with people and  I rather wanted to keep a  certain distance from them just in case. However, after the session, I have found the reason why I was  determined to keep away from many of them. I think I was afraid to be hurt in relationships  although I wanted to have close friends. But now I feel " That;s is human nature that wanting to connect with others!" and this thought made myself surprised since I had never felt that way before!  

Thank you so much for your 3 sessions. I am so glad that I did go for it! 

Emotion Code - In person, UK (January, 2018)
For me, the last year was quite challenging and I was overwhelmed and drained all the time. Then I decide to have another session with Yuriko during my winter holiday.

I went back to work after the holiday, I noticed a big difference in the office. Many people including my colleagues and bosses kept asking me "What happened to you?"

One of my colleagues sitting next me kept saying that she felt powerful and positive energy and buzz like working bee from my side. 

Some colleagues on the same floor who I am not close with very much asked me "What did you do during this Christmas holiday? What is the secret of your energy?"

During a big meeting, a big boss suddenly stopped talking as he saw me and said in front of everyone that "I am kinda bothered by you with full of energy!What is inside your mug? I wanna have the one if I would be like you!"  I am not particularly close to him, and it was the first time to see him making a joke with a big smile! 

Personally I feel calm since I had the session. I was strggling to motivate myself to do my tasks in the office last year, but I found it is getting much easier to concentrate to work now.  I actually, however, don't feel I am that energetic by myself, I don't even try to be positive or anything special, but it is very interesting that other people around me found my change and their attitudes towards me changed also.

"Job and Money blockes" Emotion Code - via Skype, Germany(Nov, 2017)
Since your healing method is working on subconscious mind which is invisible, I guess it is kinda easy that people can fool others as just saying "oh, it works although it is not visible"... but I actually can see and feel the effects! It is so interesting and quite addictive for me!

By the way, I have got an request for my side business for the first time in a long time just after the session!  

I sometimes feel some parts of me are still unstable, but I believe things have started to make a great step forward in my life since I started to have your sessions. I make sure to listen to my intuition, beliebe myself and determine to enjoy my everyday's life!

Emotion Code - via Skype, Germany(Nov, 2017)
Not ony I felt my back pain reduced during the session, but my stomach was getting so noisy and active! I was deeply convinced once I read your report after the session that some emotions we released today related to Colon! 

Since I had had some Theta Healing and counsellings in the past, I did understand logically that "If I want to change the world, I have to change yourself first", but I didnt know how.  Then I had another Theta Healing session again to find any hints, however, the practitioner told me there was not any problem or anything to fix or relase from me at that time. I felt I was lost and stucked although I was ready to step forward to new direction of my life.

Then I encountered your website.  "Releasing unwanted, undigested, old emotions"... the words catched my eyes and felt " this is the one I need now!".  Now I have done 3 sessions with you, and I do feel "It was meant to be".

I was astonished by the powerful effect after the first session, and it is getting calmer from the 2nd time. However, its effect is still quite strong and keeps making me realise many changes in me time by time. So everytime I had session, I always look forward to find any changes!

"Self Respect" Emotion Code - via Skype, France(Oct, 2017)
I have noticed that I am changing since I had three sessions this summer. It gave me an opportunity to start to think and discover what "Self-esteem" and how to tret myself with respect. I also found I have started  not only understanding logically but also feeling many things by heart at the same time.

"Heart Wall session" Emotion Code - via Skype, France (Oct, 2017)
Since I found my heart wall was created because of some types of harrasments on my job, I needed to accept how much I had been stressed and decided to let him leave. Thanks for your sessions, I feel more comfortable to work with others without thinking their back ground stories and caring their private issues too much. I have also started to be less annoyed by my boss! 

"Self-Esteem" Emotion Code - In person, London (June, 2017)
Thank you for the good session again yesterday.  I was coming to have your session of course, but I found that talking with you about some topics made me feel much better.  I always feel gratitude to everything around me after your session. I was not just bothered to complain about something,  I couldn't even turn on my switch to be angry with anything.  My mind was relaxed and getting sleepy...I can't explain why but  feeling wonderful.

"Eating Habit" Emotion Code - via Email, Japan (May, 2017)
Since I had the session, my eating habit has been getting settled. I read your session report again and again. I have experienced to get some changes in my life that I have met new people and this helped me to broaden my mind. I also noticed my relationship with people has changed, for example an old friend suddenly started to talk to me although we didn't have any contact for ages. I found it is fascinating. I wonder if things around me start to change once I change myself...

"Relationship with colleagues" Emotion Code - In person, London (May, 2017)
I felt refreshed just after my first Emotion Code session, then started to feel comfortable somehow...it was very new experience for me. The next day, I was a bit spaced out and felt tired a bit. I don't have any problem with my sleep basically, however,  it was much easire to fall asleep and slept deeper than usual. I also noticed my face looked refreshed a few days later.
In my job, I used to be bothered by some specific things and stuff very much, but I found I was not botherd by them easily any more! Another thing is that you mentioned my old emotions affected to my sexal organs, my period has started after the session although I had it irregulary recently!

Emotion Code - In person, London (May, 2017)
I was a bit nervous before my first session and started to worry if it would dig something too deep which I was not willing to talk to. However, Yuriko told me that I don't need to speak up everything if I don't want to. This made me calm down and releaved. The room I  had the session with Yuriko was very comfortabe and it helped me to feel relaxed during the session. The session itself was very interesting. I felt like I was traveling in my past with Yuriko!

Access Energetic Facelift - In person, London (April, 2017)
The swelling of my feet has gone down! How could it be possible!? (Just after her 2nd Facelift session)

Emotion Code - In Person, London (April, 2017)
It was my first Emotion Code session. I didn't quite get what it was at first, but once the session started I felt comfortable as if I am talking with a reliable friend. In the session, some emotions were found that were a root of an issue I was looking for quite a while. Thanks for the findings, it clarified my mind and made me feel better.

Access Energetic Facelift - In person, London (April, 2017)
My smile lines are getting faded just after the session. The next day, I look so young! 
4 days later, I had a face massage by a different  masseuse and she said "your face has started to show the effect of this massages". But I don't think it was because of the massage, I believe this effect is by Yuriko's Face Lift!

Accessbars - In person, London  (March 2017)
I felt it is something different. I just can't believe this. My sight is much brighter than before...

"Feeling Depressed" - Emotion Code, via Skype, Bristol UK  (March, 2017)
It was quite interesting to listen to my subconscious mind via Yuriko. I felt like I was listening to someone eles rather than part of me. At the same time, I was surprised that she (Yuriko) mentioned many specific things in my past and they were spot on. Even though I was a big struggle to find my memory or words to discribe, Yuriko always trys to clarify and it helped me to find out how I felt at the specific events and situations. It also helped me to be convinced my experience even more. Just after the session, I felt lighter mentally straight away. I had been depressed for a while and I couldn't even enjoy my hobbies, but now I can enjoy doing them again. Yuriko understands how I felt in down time. She also tris to find a way to support me from bottom of her heart. 

"Emotions that are ready to be released"- Emotion Code, Skype session, Japan (March, 2017)
It was very comfortable 1hour session. Since Yuriko identified trapped emotions in me, it helped me to understand my feelings and thoughts clearer. It was almost like finding pieces of puzzles I was looking for.
Yuriko was having very warm  and welcome atmosphere, and I felt comfortable to talk to. She made me want to talk to her more. Thank you for the generous session.

"Low self esteem and Anxiety" - Emotion Code in person, London (March, 2017)
After session, I was very relaxed without thinking any negative things. I was also joyful like a small kid looking forward to going out and didn't want to go to bed although I was sleepy.   I realized this "relaxed" feeling might be very normal thing for many people that I couldn't have for long time. I have been pushing myself far too hard and never relaxed 24/7 for long time.

  "Low self esteem" - Emotion Code, in person, London (March, 2017)
 I was stunned because emotions and events came up in my mind which I believed I already forgot through the session as follows Yuriko's words. This process reminds me how I felt and was hurt through those experiences in the past. It also made me feel "I want to accept myself and love myself more" for the first time. Yuriko is very human person and helped me to withdraw my stories and emotions naturally and comfortably. It is shame that we don't see many counsellors and therapists  like her in general. Yuriko is a true healer and she heals you♡

 "Surgery Fear"  - Emotion Code, By Email, Philippines (Feb, 2017)
 Its amazing how you found out all my dark emotions. You are more than correct to say i forgot to love myself and please other people....i wish i could have known u long time back

"Stress in daily life" - Emotion Code, In Person, Bristol UK (Aug, 2016)
I loved the way you did the magnet down my back 3 times and said its gone now. I wanted to give you a hug and say thanks! As soon as you left I picked up the guitar and wrote a song "you can let it go if you want" It excites me so will work it out and record with my old music friend and send it to you. (It takes ages nowadays but that was an instant song)
 I felt strange the next day and cried, not boo-hoo type but just tears rolling down my face. Its quite a release...This will sound slightly weird but  I thought about the sad emotions  you can clear. Well have cleared but I had a choking fit on the bus back like a feather or a pubic hair at the back of my throat. It was terrible  like uncontrollable coughing. The feather coughing  thing was my body reacting after you released the love the passion and the pain of that particular time.

"Stress in daily life" - Emotion Code, via skype, Japan (Aug, 2016)
I read your report and found out there are many key words synchronized with the emotions I have been feeling recently! I realized that I have been accepting unnecessary stress. I couldn't say no to unwilling thing, I have been pushing myself too hard to do anything. "Please yourself" you said woke me up. I think I did understand it logically, but it is still difficult to do it because of my old habit. But you are right, we should please ourselves more!
It was my second session, and I didn't get any dramatic changes like the last time, but I am definitely getting calm and gentle. I was actually very irritated with some people on that day but I am not bothered any more!I also found I now can see and learn myself from objective point of view more thanks for your session and the report you sent me after that.  I believe this is a proof that I have more space in me, and this is actually a big change. I am looking forward to see more changes in me in the future♪


"Stress at work place" - Emotion Code, in person, Japan (July, 2016)
 It was nice to have a chat with you and I appreciate the opportunity to have your session! I had been wondering what to do with my situation at work for a long time so it was a very good timing. Thank you♡ I was amazed by the session as you found some of my old events what I almost forgot completely and digging deep to identify the problems! And Emotion Code is seriously a great healing method!

Here are some feedback after the session

1. I was a bit spaced out next day as I couldn't sleep well after the session
2. I was getting gentle to others. I usually get irritated by tiny things at work, but I feel more calm and gentle towards colleagues after the session

I am looking forward to seeing my change near future♪ And it is good to know that the released emotions never come back.

"Back Ache" - Emotion Code  via skype, Japan (June, 2016)
Thanks for your session earlier. You might feel it is too quick,  but I have to say my back ache has been reduced... I usually move around as doing something because of the pain, but I could just settle during the session. I just can't believe what happened with my back!